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Realistic Living

Welcome to Realistic Living!

My aim is to have a positive impact on people's lives and inspire to live up to their fullest potential. This journey encounters obstacles and discomfort, however, I believe it to be worth it. My goal is to give people the necessary tools and resources to pursue this journey.

I hope you will find the inspiration you are seeking or the guidance you need.


Hi ❀

I'm Ornella

I am curious and I love exploring conscious (realistic) lifestyles, have a passion for healthy cooking and I am fascinated by self-development and beauty. My dominant quality is my energy. I love to spread light in all possible ways. 


I started this blog to have a platform that inspires me to do and share the things that bring me closer to my light; with the intention of evoking the same in others.


Recipes + Blog

Here you can find simple, healthy and delicious homemade recipes, and some of my thoughts on various topics.

White Feather

Stories Project

This is a no-judgement, no-BS zone,  where you get to read people's answers on personal questions. 

Antwerp, Belgium

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Let me know what's on your mind ♡ 

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