About me

My name is Ornella. I am originally from Belgium, but have lived in all corners of the world (France, Netherlands, Middle East). For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by conscious lifestyle and the human experience in general. 


I studied Human Sciences in high school, have a BA in Psychology and a MSc in Health and Social Psychology. I have soon realised that I am more fascinated by the side of psychology that studies human flourishing and potential rather than symptoms and pathologies. Which led me to conduct and publish my own research on Positive Body Image in the face of the beauty ideals on social media (Instagram).

I accord great importance to living a healthy conscious (but realistic) lifestyle myself, and devote much time and energy in increasing my own potential and flourishing, by nurturing my body, mind and soul (equally!). I enjoy cooking healthy dishes, reading books, listen to podcasts, meditate, spend time outdoors, journal, and spend time with people I have a real connection with.


My dominant quality is my energy. I love to spread light (or 'good vibes') in all possible ways. I like to inspire people to get closer to their own light, and give them energy. Whether it is through inspiring conversations, food, music, creative content, aesthetics or more.

In alignment with my goal to inspire people closer to their light and live their best life (regardless of their struggles), I enrolled in ACT therapy training, to skilfully guide people towards a value-driven and meaningful life, which is what I am truly most passionate about. 

My approach is holistic- focusing on nurturing body, mind and soul. I value authenticity and openness, and aim to connect and deliver my messages in such way. 

xx Ornella


life coach