Capture Stories

by O.E.

Human-Focused Content Creation.

I bring my psychology and creative (writing) skills together, in order to communicate authentic messages and connect people.

I enjoy deep, meaningful conversations, on human-focused topics, and I am able to discern the essential out of them to create content that inspires people. I love communicating my messages in written form and through creative, aesthetic layouts.

I am open to collaborations in various fields; as long as the purpose remains.


I have always been most interested in human-focused topics; in high school I studied Human Sciences. In 2014, I chose to study a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Later, in 2019, I successfully graduated as a Master of Science in Health and Social Psychology.


I have always loved reading self-development and spiritual books, and spend a lot of time writing myself. I also have a creative soul and a sensitivity for beauty, and I have never really been into small talk; I prefer knowing what people really think and feel. 


It's only when working on my qualitative research, in the context of my Master's thesis and further expanded to a scientific publication for the journal 'Body Image: An International Journal of Research', in 2019, that I discovered my passion and talent for human-interest interviewing, analysing qualitative data, theme coding, and writing. I knew this is what I wanted to do, but in a more creative context. 


When I realised I can do what I like, namely interviewing humans, anywhere and everywhere (well... because there are humans anywhere and everywhere) I purchased a professional camera and started Stories of the Soul.

Antwerp, Belgium

T (+32)472/ 23.67.59