Love Brunch Events 

by O.E.

"Nothing brings people together like good food."

I love creating beautiful and tasty things; and mostly good vibes! So I combine these in my "Love Brunch Events". 

Love Brunch Events is a brunch catering and table styling service. I serve healthy dishes made of fresh ingredients, and curate table and spaces decors to your taste and desired atmosphere. 


My menus are based on destinations I've traveled to and where I especially enjoyed their flavours. I replicate what I have tasted around the world to your event.


This formula is for the those who prefer the familiar and favour sweet over savoury breakfasts. 

Your table will be filled with:

Pastries and cakes (based on healthy ingredients), bread, toppings, yogurt, fruits, homemade granola.


This formula is a 'Bowl' party

Your table will be filled with:


Smoothie bowls, porridge bowls, and salad/poke bowls.

Filled with fruits, veggies, whole-grains, nut butters, natural sweeteners and so on.

Middle East

This formula is for the ones who loves spices and flavours, who favour savoury over sweet breakfasts.

Your table will be filled with:


Salads (quinoa, bulgur tabouleh, chopped), veggies in all forms and preparations, eggs, shakshuka; and lots of olive oil, spices and herbs!

PS: menus are flexible and adaptable, to some degree, to group's tastes. I don't serve meat. Max 10 ppl

Antwerp, Belgium

T (+32)472/ 23.67.59