done is better than perfect

Perfectionism looks a lot like having many ideas but not realising any of them out of fear that they are not good enough.

But the truth is how often do you look at what other people do and check if it’s “perfect” or good enough?

Perfectionism has little to do with other people; it's a fight between you and yourself.

Perfectionism is a fancy way for your insecurities and fears to show up and block you from doing what you really want to do.

If you’re a perfectionist, remind yourself that perfection is an illusion; there is no such thing as perfect-you will never reach that point (ESPECIALLY if you’re a perfectionist!).

So rather than asking yourself if what you do is perfect or not, ask yourself if you want to "give birth" to your ideas or bury them with all the others that are not ‘perfect’?

Done is better than perfect!

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