Self-Image, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence?

Have you ever gotten confused whether you are someone with high or low self-confidence? Sometimes feeling the answer is yes and sometimes it's no? Then, you get confused wondering if this should even be a changing or consistent factor of your personality? Worry not, these are normal questions.

Truth is, there is no black or white answer to these questions (why do people keep saying that). To briefly define; Self-esteem is how high or low you think of yourself, the degree to which you respect, admire, and value yourself (a healthy dose is important). Self-confidence is about being sure of yourself or believing in yourself, and being assertive in expressing it. Self-image is the way in which you perceive yourself, which is often partly shaped by the ways you believe others to perceive you. By the way, there is often discomfort created around discrepancies between the 'ideal-self' and the 'real-self'.

So, you guessed it; there are multiple combinations of these possible. You might be someone with high self-esteem and low self-confidence or the other way round. Or you might be someone with high self-esteem but low self-image. For example, that friend of yours who thinks she's a rockstar but then spends the entire Sunday brunch complaining about several rejections and limiting beliefs about herself and others? Or that badass friend of yours that is extremely charismatic and praised by all but rather shy in public? Or that friend who is extremely fond of herself, but still gets roughly affected by other people's opinion of her? And, then, there are also other factors involved, such as personality. For example; one can be self-confident but introverted, thus not necessarily expressing her confidence in the loudest ways.

In short, it comes down to the annoying answer that it is not entirely black or white. There are thousand of possible variations on the matter. We are complicated beings and trying to reduce us to simple labels is contradictory. Thus, next time you feel like labelling quiet people with low self-confidence or loud people with high self-confidence, think again.

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