there’s a thin line between the discomfort of getting out of your comfort zone and feeling unaligned

We are often told to do what feels uncomfortable because that’s what will make us grow. We are coached to accept our “negative” emotions and change our mindsets in the direction of our visions.

However, we are also told to listen to our gut feeling. Be connected to our inner voice that tells us whether something is right for us or not.

So, how do we know when it’s our gut feeling telling us “don’t do it, it’s not right for you” or if it’s our fear tricking us into staying in our comfort zone?

I don’t have a black or white answer to this question because it’s such a personal and subtle experience. But this is what I can tell you:

1. Make sure you clearly know for yourself what your values are when we you go into challenging situations; So your rational mind can fall back on that when in doubt.

2. Remind yourself that this is truly what life is about- trying things to see if they work for you. Because if we don’t try (and f*ck up), we will never know if something is right for us or not!

3. The art of intuition… deep down we always know… and the things we don’t know in that moment are meant to be figured out through EXPERIENCE only.

In short, there are times when you clearly now when things are not right for you. But if you have doubts; you must try to find out.

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