Think, Do & Most Certainly Feel

Have you ever paid attention to your pattern? Are you someone who is more into doing, thinking or feeling? I used to believe I had a very consistent pattern until this happened.

I was having an interesting conversation about how I get tired of my own pattern. I said, "I go into extreme periods of thinking, followed by extreme periods of doing, just for the sake of doing and "get out of my head"." Though, I don't feel like I am doing anything productive, get annoyed, and then go back to thinking. And the cycle continues. I shared, I already know in advance what to expect of me, yet I still found it hard to act differently. I added, I wish I could find the right balance between thinking and doing, and act in a way that is aligned with me. This person had an interesting response.

First, she told me we are not always "in a pattern". In fact, we are usually repeating cycles when things are not going so well for us. When we are in a good, balanced place in our lives we are not necessarily "trapped" in a cycle or pattern. Second, she told me "You are forgetting such an important aspect, and that is "feeling!"." She was right; I realised I get so absorbed in my thoughts and/or actions that I forget to actually feel what feels right to me in that moment.

So, if you are someone like me, whose thoughts get pretty loud, and oversee everything else because of it, this post is for you. What I am trying to say; Don't try to fight this rational,"loud thinking" side of yours. Rather try to cultivate your "feeling" side. It is important to think rationally before making (big or small) moves, but how you feel about it is most certainly not an inferior factor to consider. In those moments, try to pause for a second, and even acknowledge this "feeling" is present within you.

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