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Welcome, welcome! If you have scrolled through my home page, you have seen that this blog is all about spreading light. Though, I called this blog "Realistic Living", because life is not only light. I believe everything is its opposite; and the opposite of light is darkness.

In Western society, we are raised with the notion that we always have to pursue happiness. And to hide with a smile everything that is not happiness (read: unfamiliar). We are raised with the notion of control; over ourselves and our lives. We repress all that is not happiness, which intensifies all our negative experiences such as shame and anxiety (40million Europeans suffer from depression in 2020!!!) It is really a snowball effect. And, without even mentioning the enormous impact social media has added to it over the past years. On the contrary, Eastern society approaches life completely differently. They acknowledge the "darker" sides of life, and instead of repressing and controlling them, they accept and let go of them. I am no exception.

I am a 24 year old female who was born and raised in Europe and I recognise a lot of the perfectionist, anxious, controlling tendencies I mentioned above. Only, I am way too authentic and real to suppress and fake it. I am also a very aware person and have a lot of knowledge due to the Psychology studies I pursued and the books I read. I know there are other people like me out there (or people that are on the verge of accepting it), but it's harder to connect us due to sensitive nature of the topic.

My intention, is not to write about "depressing" stuff, no! But to write in a realistic way about life; To acknowledge both the dark and light side we all experience. I want both sides, our honest life experiences, to connect us. My intention is to realise together, in the most open and honest ways, how much we have in common on this journey. Even, the things we like to share less. Especially the things we like to share less!!! So, I share both the light and the dark, I share honest, realistic stuff about life; as goal to connect and empower us.🦋 Peace

Hey, thanks for stepping by!

I'm aim to create a community of authentic and curious people. I share the stuff that inspires me, and hope it inspires you too. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas as well; please share!

I hope you enjoy my content.

Love & Light, xx O.

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