why do we always try to fit into boxes?

I believe we have been conditioned very early on to think of “What am I?” and then adjust to that role instead if "Who am I?” and simply BE and ATTRACT.

I think we do this simply because it’s easier... It’s easier to think in terms of how should I act as a mother, manager, sister, coach etc. Instead of simply being.

We find it easier to have clear guidelines on how we should be instead of being. Which makes being our authentic selves the scariest thing to be in the world! That’s crazy!

I noticed this as well in myself starting as a coach- On this page and as a coach in general, I often catch myself trying to fit into a “coach” box, which very often steals the presence and authenticity away from the process.

I try not to be too hard on myself because I realise it’s a life-long process to unlearn these deep conditioning we have been taught.

I coach myself by trying to stop asking “HOW” to other people- because if you ask someone else how to do something it is out of convenience and fear of looking inwards to create YOUR own how.

Of course you can learn from others and ask for help, but try to create your own how because that’s the only way to be truly authentic.

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