why the f* can't I have fun all the time?!

kate moss once quoted these words.

I truly believe that life is about having fun all the time. some might argue this is naïve and spoiled of my part. i agree. life is not always fun and games. we were given "negative" emotions for a reason. they are there to tell us something as well.

but for most part; i believe our "negative" emotions are here to tell us how to be redirected to our pure, happy, joyful selves. think about it. anger signals us injuste, guilt responsibility, frustration that we are not where we ideally would like to be... and so on.

do you see it? all these emotions try to push us closer to our core, our essence, who really are. which is, in my opinion, pure bliss.

to me, having fun, is a sign that we are connected to that state. to our pure being.

so, having fun is the fastest route to our pure being. and of clearing the clouds that are blocking our access to it.

truly, sincerely, if you want to live the life intended for you try to give your soul as much pleasure as you possibly can. this is how you will live aligned. and when you have negative emotions; try to learn from them to be redirected.

it's as simple as that... we make everything so complicated.

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