your mental health is as important as your physical health

Eat the burger! Order the dessert! Stay up late!

Physical health is one of my priorities. I pay great attention to what nutrients I put into my body and I try to give my body as much sleep and movement as it requires.

But, not to the extent of my mental health.

People often think of and prioritise their physical health only when considering their health choices. But, your body is part of a larger system, that is connected to your mind and soul as well. And nurturing only one of them can hurt all of them.

Your physical health does require a lot of attention, but sometimes your mental or spiritual health do too, or more. And not listening to their needs (to fulfil your physical needs only) can seriously damage your overall well-being and health.

So, yes, it is important to eat your veggies, get your sleep and exercise. But try to equally nurture your mind and soul’s desires to truly feel at your best (and if that means eating junk food, so be it!)

Try to add some *flexibility* to your health goals and see how that makes you feel instead. 🤍

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