of the Soul

Stories of the Soul is a project I started  with the intention of showing how, deep down we are all the same ☼ I ask strangers on the streets personal questions and photograph them. 

"Everyone has their story, yet we all have so much in common."

Dirk (71)

Q: "What is your favourite and less favourite thing about yourself?" A: "My favourite thing is that as an artist I connect people. My least favourite thing is my selfishness." Q: "What do you think we all have in common?" A: "We are all nature."

Soraya (20)

Q: "Share something most people don't know about you." A: Ha ha, actually this! People don't know I smoke.

Emilie (21)

Q: "What would you advice yourself one year ago?" A: "To enjoy life more. Enjoy being young."

Aless (39, or maybe more)

Q: "What would you like to improve about yourself? (not physically)" A: "Nothing. I know there are better people than me, but there are also worse people. So I don't want to change anything."