ACT Solution-Oriented Therapy

"Embrace your demons, and follow your heart."

Russel Harris

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

by O.E.

My philosophy is to enjoy life to the fullest. Though, I believe enjoying life to the fullest is not a random strike of luck, but rather a pursuit of the things that are connected to your values, that give you energy. We often lose track of these things because we get caught up in other irrelevant things, which leave us unaligned, depleted, and confused.

The purpose of ACT therapy is to retrieve what gives you energy and what you truly value in life, and give you the necessary tools to get you back on track—and actually ACT upon it; live your best life.


ACT is a third-wave behavioural approach to psychotherapy that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies mixed with commitment behaviour strategies, to increase psychological flexibility.


Are you feeling stuck? Depleted of energy, inspiration, and/or motivation to undertake any actions or direction in your life? Are you scared something might be wrong with you? Ashamed of sharing your internal experiences with your closed ones? Are you having questions about your actions, your purpose and/or your identity? Are you having greater spiritual questions? Not feeling yourself lately? Experiencing doubt and confusion? 

If you answered yes to most of these questions chances are you could benefit from an ACT session. Nothing is wrong with you, you are simply off track and need to be redirected on your path again. This is what we will be working on during our sessions.


To be honest; anyone could ! 

I strongly advocate for normalising mental health struggles in healthy populations.

I believe our society has an unhealthy tendency of defining people. We label people as either mentally ill or mentally healthy. But what comes in between? There are a lot of mentally stable people who experience "dis-order" too. 


In my sessions I welcome anyone who is feeling "emptied", who lost connection with themselves, and are willing to work on finding their ways back to themselves again. However, I especially, would like to welcome people who fall under the category I mention above (the "mentally healthy" who experience "dis-order" too). Very often, these people experience shame and suppress their experiences on top of it, which intensifies their suffering. I would really like to intervene at this point.

As Brene Brown mentioned; "What we don't need in the midst of struggle, is shame for being human."


I like to work in an empathic, warm and open context. I want my clients to feel secure and form vast connections. My ability to fully empathise with my clients facilitates this. With this foundation, we will work on redirecting you back "home" to yourself. You are the one occupying all the answers inside of you; I will just hand you the way.


My understanding, compassion, and energy.

You will leave the sessions feeling more energised and inspired than beforehand.


  • I offer 30 minutes FREE introductory meetings

  • Languages: French, Dutch, English

  • Pricing: 1h - € 60

Antwerp, Belgium

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